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TCC President’s Report- 3rd April 2018

TCC President’s Report- 3rd April 2018

Because of family pressures our long term member, Frank Vrins has offered his resignation from the executive. Frank has served us well over many years and will be missed. Thank you Frank for all your support over the years for us. Here is a card from us and we are organising a special gift – a glass engraved with out logo

Re the TCC Subcommittee’s

* Community, Health and Education Committee looking at

o Taryn will talk later about her work with other organisations to set up a Street Market/Fair later in the year

* Planning Subcommittee – As Hamish is unable to be with us tonight I will read his report later in the meeting.

* Youth Engagement Sub Committee

o Connor McNaught from Chisholm High School and our Youth engagement committee will give us a brief report on the Youth Forum, being held on Thursday 8th March. In this we are supported by Communities@Work and the YWCA Canberra

Other meetings/activities I have been involved with include:

* TCC Youth Forum and follow up youth meeting

* Meeting with Paul Browne, Managing Director of LDK (Love, Decency Kindness) Health care, who are proposing aged units and health care for the old DSS offices

* Meeting with members of Project wing about the Drone proposal

* Writing a support letter to Isabella Medical Centre support them in their endeavours to get a grant so they can bulk bill

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 1 May where I hope we will finally get an update on the latest regarding the proposed bus services in Tuggeranong.

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