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Floriade in the Suburbs

Events ACT is organising a new series of community events running in conjunction with Floriade, called Floriade in the Suburbs. It will reflect iconic Floriade elements including a small number of pink wheelbarrows of live flowers, colourful banner flags, and a life-size gnome created by local Canberra artists. The Floriade artistic program will be on Read More …

Youth Engagement Survey

The Tuggeranong Community Council’s Youth Engagement sub-committee has developed a survey to help us better determine what young people want for Tuggeranong. We want to pass on their concerns to the relevant people and incorporate their ideas into possible future submissions to government.

Therefore if you are 19 to 25 years of age, please do this survey and/or ask others in this age group, who live or attend school in Tuggeranong to also do it.

Click to do the survey

SouthFest 2019

On Saturday 16 November, from 10am-3pm, over 200 organisations big and small will collaborate to deliver one big party that will bring the whole community together for a day of celebration, markets, food, activity and entertainment.

Removing Buses permanently from Anketell Street

In 2017 the Tuggeranong Community lodged a petition at the ACT Legislative Assembly to remove buses from Anketell Street. Interestingly enough, the works being done on Anketell street has required re-routing the buses to the route suggested by us in the petition.  We have therefore send a letter asking that,” when the road works are finished in Anketell Street, that the buses continue to go on their current detour to the interchange via Reed, Cowlishaw and Pitman Street to the Tuggeranong Interchange” until a new Tuggeranong Interchange is build which would allow buses to go up and down Pitman Street and alleviate the need to use Cowlishaw street.

Lake Tuggeranong Research update

At our last TCC meeting we had a talk from Dr Fiona Dyer and Rod Ubrihen from the University of Canberra, who spoke about the research being undertaken on Lake Tuggeranong to stop the annual blue green algal infestations that happens every summer when the heat rises. They said to date, the results were inconclusive and their final report will be submitted to government when all the results are fully analysed. They also indicated that more research would be needed.  Accordingly the Council has written to the Chief Minister asking that ongoing funds be made available for further research and when a solution is decided upon that it be adequately funded.

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