TCC President’s Report – 1st May 2018

TCC President’s Report – 1st May 2018

As said at our last meeting, Frank Vrins has resigned from the Executive committee after many years of service. I would now like to present him with this beer mug engraved with our logo

Other meetings/activities I have been involved with include:

* TCC Youth Forum refining report and follow up youth meeting

* Housing Choices – Stakeholders Reference Group

* Evoenergy

* Environment and Planning Sub Committee

* Electric Car Launch

* Radio 2CC on Tuggeranong population and Happy Valley

* Constitution sub committee

* Youth Festival organised by Louise Cooke

* Letter to Minister FitzHarris re lighting – CIT and Tuggeranong Pool

* Opened new bank account at a new bank for the community function in November

* Feedback from our last month’s speaker on Jenke circuit – read

We will hear the sub committee – reports later on in the meeting

* Community, Health and Education Committee – Taryn Langdon

* Environment Committee –

* Planning Subcommittee – Hamish Sinclair

* Youth Engagement Sub Committee – Matthew Torrens

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 5th June where we will finally get an update on the latest regarding the proposed bus services in Tuggeranong as well as an update on what is happening on Anketell Street.

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