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Committee members with effect of 5 September 2023

President:  Glenys PatulnyVice President:  Jeffrey BollardSecretary : Andrew Johnson
Treasurer: Robyn Rofe

CommitteeHarvey BellBernard RohanDidi SommerJim Thornton
Carol Vincent

The Council is a non political, peak organisation with members from a wide range of residents, in the Tuggeranong Valley The representative base of the Council provides a good coverage of all issues affecting the Tuggeranong Valley .

Membership of the Council is open to all residents living in Tuggeranong or persons running a business in Tuggeranong as well as individuals who live in the Tuggeranong area. New members are always made very welcome. The Council especially enjoys welcoming new residents of the Tuggeranong Valley from all age groups and different areas.

With now some 87,000 residents in Tuggeranong, this is your chance to tell us what you would like to see happen in the area. Members also receive a copy of the minutes of the monthly meetings.

Executive members, who are volunteers, are elected from residents of Tuggeranong.

It is not necessary to become a member to attend the TCC meetings, but membership does allow the following:-
(a) Voting rights at Council meetings

(b) Join a Sub-Committee

(c) Join the Executive Committee (attendance at four (4) TCC meetings are required prior to seeking nomination for Executive Committee positions)

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month (February through December) commencing at 7.30 pm at the Vikings Tuggeranong Town Centre Club – please check our home page for the current meeting date.

If you wish to apply for membership to the Tuggeranong Community Council please download the application form and bring your completed form to the next Tuggeranong Community Council meeting (on the first Tuesday of each month except January)  or post it to PO Box 436. Erindale Centre ACT 2903.


Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) considers its mission is to represent the people of Tuggeranong in a fair, open, inclusive, honest, responsible and accountable manner. In order to achieve this aim the TCC requires that all members must adhere to the following Code of Conduct in all their dealings for and on behalf of the TCC:

    1. To act in a responsible, honest and fair manner,
    2. To declare before the council at the commencement of any interaction with the general Council, sub-committee or executive committee – whether by speaking at meeting or interacting as part of a committee- any conflict of interest, real or perceived, to the mission and interests of the TCC,
    3. To behave respectfully to all members and guests , irrespective of political, cultural or other differences,
    4. To consider at all times the representation of a diverse range of views within the TCC,
    5. To conduct all TCC business in a non-political and nonpartisan manner,
    6. To not use the name of the TCC to advance one’s personal advantage or interests,
    7. To not make statements on behalf of the TCC unless authorised by the TCC Executive,
    8. To consider and work in the best interests of the majority of the Tuggeranong Community.
    9. To present, as far as practicable, all decisions for the consideration of all members of the TCC
    10. To produce reports and minutes which are balanced and relate all relevant information
    11. To present all documents for accountability, inspection and consideration by all members of the TCC when requested,
    12. To conduct all TCC business in an open, accountable and accessible manner,
    13. To behave at all time in line with the TCC Code of Conduct.

Any breaches of the Tuggeranong Community Council Cole of Conduct shall be dealt with in accordance with the Council Constitution.