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Chronicle – May 16

Chronicle – May 16

chronicleTCC$27 million to clean up Lake Tuggeranong was announced on Thursday 19 May. The money mentioned should make a great contribution to improving water quality in Lake Tuggeranong.  Come to our next Tuggeranong Community Council meeting on Tuesday the 7th June to hear the details.

Following the talk by Lake Tuggeranong College Students at our April meeting, we have decided to create a Youth Sub committee. Annalyse Betts, one of the students who spoke at this meeting, has agreed to be its coordinator. She is now gathering interest from other students with a view to have an initial meeting to come up with some proposals regarding the issues she and the other students brought up. I am hoping to have students from other colleges in the Tuggeranong areas also come and talk to us and hopefully some of them might like to also join this committee.

The Council is also looking at establishing some annual awards.

  • For residents/business people/groups, who reside or work in Tuggeranong and have contributed significantly to the Tuggeranong region and or the ACT community
  • Tuggeranong School Community Awards for a student from each of the high schools and colleges in Tuggeranong.

On Thursday the 5th May, the Draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy was launched at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. I am pleased to say it was a packed audience, with a number of Tuggeranong Community Council and Tuggeranong Lake Carers attending, showing how interested Tuggeranong residents are in future water strategies in the ACT and region. On the 5th May members of the Tuggeranong Community Council attended the opening of the upgraded Ambulance Station at Greenway.

The Canberra and Regional Futures at the University of Canberra have contacted us about some focus group meetings designed to find out the views of residents (from particular suburbs) relating to the ‘sustainable future of the Tuggeranong district’.  Meetings will be held at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre of Kambah (Mon 23 May) Banks (Tuesday 24 May) and Oxley (Wednesday 25 May). If interested please email curf@canberra.edu.au or ring (02) 62012757

The next meeting of the Tuggeranong Council will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th June at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club. We will be hearing the latest about The National Broadband Network (NBN), have an update about what is happening in South Quay and details what is proposed for improving water quality programs here in Tuggeranong.  It will be a busy night.

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