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Presidents Report to TCC General Meeting  3rd May, 2016

Presidents Report to TCC General Meeting 3rd May, 2016

It has been a busy month attending various activities on behalf of the TCC. They include attending the following meetings:

  • The official opening of the King Swim Centre at Calwell on 13 April, where a plaque acknowledging the leadership and work of Eric Traise and the local community in ensuring that the Centre went ahead, was unveiled – Thank you Wayne for all the work you put into helping organise this event.
  • City and Gateway Urban Renewal Strategy discussion group.
  • ACTewAGL reference group – talked about forecasting work to inform future planning and the Electric Vehicle Project
  • Environment and Planning Forum, hearing about guidelines for Unsolicited Proposals and the Investment Prospectus guidelines – relevant to Manuka Green, Active travel update and Catchment and Catchment Management strategy.
  • Combined Community Council Meeting where Wayne and I were involved in discussions including: role of NCA, Community Council Best Practice, possible CCC Elections strategy and Concessional leases
  • Website working party, where Max, Tom and I met with the Lance Williamson of Gaffer Designs to talk over design considerations – I would like to thank Max for all the work he did in analysing other similar websites and coming up with proposals we could consider.

On Thursday this week, (5th May), the Draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy will be launched at 12.30pm to 2pm at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre

While is does not look at, or report on the specific projects to improve water quality at Lake Tuggeranong, it talks about what we need to do to plan for the future in an overall integrated way. It is being launched in Tuggeranong (which I think is significant) and it would be good for as many Tuggeranong residents who are interested in what is happening about water in the future (particularly here in Tuggeranong) to have their say.  So please come.

I am please to announce that, following the successful talk by Lake Tuggeranong Students last meeting, we have decided to create a Youth Sub committee – Annalyse Betts, the student who spoke at the meeting, has said she is happy to be its convenor. She is already trying to gather interest from other students and is looking to have an initial meeting in the next month to come ups with some proposals regarding the issues she and the other students brought up at our last meeting. I am hoping to have students from other colleges in the Tuggeranong areas also come and talk to us and hopefully some of them might like to also join this committee.

The Executive is also looking at establishing some annual awards.

  1. For residents/business people/groups, who reside or work in Tuggeranong and have contributed significantly to the Tuggeranong region and or the ACT community and
  2. a Tuggeranong Community Council Civics and Citizenship Award for a student from each of the high schools and colleges in Tuggeranong.

Meanwhile I have had an email from Canberra and Regional Futures at the University of Canberra talking about recruiting participants for a set of focus groups regarding the sustainable future of the Tuggeranong district.  They are particularly looking for residents of Kambah (Mon 23 May) Banks (Tuesday 24 May) and Oxley (Wednesday 25 May) for their views.  I will organise for this letter to be sent out to our members in case anyone is interested.

The next meeting of the Tuggeranong Council will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th June. We should definitely be hearing about what is happening with the Murray Darling Basin Project and the implications for water quality programs here in Tuggeranong.  We will also be hearing from The National Broadband (NBN), and hear the latest news about South Quay.  It will be a busy night.

Glenys Patulny
Tuggeranong Community Council

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