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Chronicle – June 16

Chronicle – June 16

chronicleTCC2What a month.  At our last council meeting we heard details how the $27 million committed to improve water quality in Lake Tuggeranong would be spent. We learnt about the proposed nine in-lake and catchment projects and the timeline for implementation. These projects should make a great contribution to improving water quality in Lake Tuggeranong.

The General Manager, Community Affairs for the National Broadband Network spoke about its implementation and rollout. It was disappointing to hear that only Kambah, Wanniassa and Tharwa were on the list and that priorities seemed to be determined by space at the exchange rather than priority for areas of poor internet reception, of which Tuggeranong has a few.

Other items of interest that have come up in the last few weeks include news about the Vikings Club proposal for future development and the ACT Budget.

Items of interest from the budget that affect Tuggeranong include: duplication of Ashley Drive now all the way to Johnson Drive; a new Park and Ride facility at Wanniassa; a new SES centre at Calwell and the news that the green bin trial will include Kambah.

Other events that members of the TCC executive have been involved with include attending the:

  • Canberra and Regional Futures (University of Canberra) focus group meeting designed to find out the views of residents (from Kambah) about the ‘sustainable future of the Tuggeranong district’.
  • meetings about the City and Gateway Urban Renewal strategy
  • inaugural meeting of the Icon Water Community Consultative Forum designed to find out community views on long term delivery of water and sewerage in the ACT and region.
  • opening of new Chisholm public housing project, the first comprehensive, from the ground up, Public Housing Renewal Taskforce construction

The next meeting of the Tuggeranong Council will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th July at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club. We have asked ACTewAGL to come and talk to us about how to save energy, yet keep warm in winter.  We are also hoping to have students from Erindale College come and talk to us about what they want for Tuggeranong.

Hope to see you all then.

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