"Tuggeranong Community Council - Working with our community"


As our usual meeting place, the Southern Cross Club is being renovated, we will hold all future meeting of the TCC, starting from our general meeting on the 2nd August, at the:

Vikings Town Centre Club,

Cnr Athllon Drive and Rowland Crescent, Greenway.

It is interesting to note that the Tuggeranong Community Council has been serving the residents of this region since the year 1983 and for many of those years we met at the Vikings Town Centre Club, so it is very appropriate for us to return to our former base.It ha been a very exciting month for Tuggeranong Community Council with the launch of our new and improved Tuggeranong Community Council website.  Please look is up at https://tuggeranong.org.au  to find out what is happening in our region.  Also after talking about it for a long time, we are finally ready to put up our new survey to find out what people want for Tuggeranong.   It should be up for viewing in the next couple of weeks.

Just to update you on what is happening in West Greenway (Thompson). I have been asked to participate in a “stakeholder and community panel” that the government is forming. This panel will be headed by an environmental expert from the ANU and be a “vehicle for community feedback to the ACT Government.  They will guide the broader community engagement program including public workshops, and have input into the development of the brief for assessments and studies of the area.

Remember our next meeting on the 2nd August is at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club. We will be hear about the new proposed redevelopment of the Vikings Club, Erindale and students from St Mary Mackillop College will be our guest speakers to advise Council of their ideas to improve Tuggeranong for young

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