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Chronicle – Jul 15

Chronicle – Jul 15

An increase in the number of footpaths and more education required for cyclists who use the shared pedestrian/cycle paths are some of the things that came out of the last TCC meeting when representatives from the Heart Foundation addressed the council about their recent survey which resulted in Tuggeranong being called the “fattest and laziest suburb in Canberra”. They advised that Tuggeranong overall showed a better result than the “National” average and other areas in Canberra with poor results were also on the fringes of Canberra, where people needed to use their cars to get to work etc. They stressed the importance of thirty minutes of exercise a day e.g. walking.  Members commented on the lack of footpaths in many suburbs and the need for wider paths to assist both pedestrians and cyclists.  A resident advised the meeting “I won’t walk on the paths anymore as I was almost run over by a cyclist”.  The Council will continue to lobby for improved footpaths and continued education for cyclists.

Great news for Tuggeranong with the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr announcing the duplication of most of Ashley Drive.  While we were disappointed that this duplication did not go all the way to Johnson Drive we it is a great first step and very topical as we had the consultants talking about this duplication at our last meeting.

We have been informed that the public consultation period is now open for Canberra businesses and residents to have their say on the proposed reforms to the National Capital Plan. The National Capital Authority have a proposal that will reduce duplication, remove red tape, and open up new opportunities for investment and growth in the ACT. There are concerns with a lot of people that this is aimed at development across the river in “West Tuggeranong”, that Senator Seselia has proposed. A TCC meeting in 2014 discussed this proposal. Pros: would in the future increase the population of Tuggeranong; make the Hyperdome more the “Centre” of Tuggeranong, space for more houses in area and Cons: Environmental concerns re river corridor; need for a major bridge; the ranges on the western side include small valleys with steep slopes, an expensive engineering operation; residents will need to rely more on their vehicles and might bypass the Hyperdome for shopping and activities.  Most people voted against development of the West Bank in a poll undertaken at the time. You can visit www.nationalcapital.gov.au and make a submission.

At the next TCC meeting (7th July) the Minister, Mick Gentleman, will address Council on the “Future Planning in the ACT” – A Statement of Intent, that is the culmination of a number of consultative meetings to date.  A member of the Hockey Association will also talk about the issues relating to the “Hockey Fields” in Tuggeranong.  A Police report and reports by Tuggeranong MLA’S are always an interesting section of Council meetings.   Come along and have a chat to the MLA’s and join in all the interesting discussions of the evening.


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