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TCC Presents report July 2015

TCC Presents report July 2015

Welcome everybody.  It is good to see you out on such a cold night. A lot has happened over the last month with many meetings to bring groups together in the Tuggeranong Valley so we can better support the Tuggeranong community.  These meetings included meeting with Adrian Brown from the Tuggeranong Action Group to determine our common interests and work out how we could best work together to go forward.   Adrian has said he is happy to work with us to form or for his group to become an activity/events subcommittee of the TCC. Later in the meeting Adrain will talk about ways we could promote and support Tuggeranong. I would also like to remind people again that there are a number of TCC subcommittees that you might like to join:  Environment, the Health and Community, the Planning and Development and Transport. Please feel free to sign up at the back table.

Other meeting this month included meeting with Michael Lindfield to talk over various things he is involved with including the new Tuggeranong Business Council, the Tuggeranong Festival and Footsteps to Follow. I am pleased to say that we gained information on what is happening with all of these activities and will be working more closely together in the future.  Specifically the Tuggeranong Festival will be on Saturday 21 November and its convenor Stuart Thompson with be giving us details about it at our August meeting and Bev has agreed to assist the Footsteps to Follow group with media

Bev and I also met with Jane Robinson from the Work for the Dole program.  She is keen to see if there are any not for profit groups who would be able to take on any work for the Dole people for 2 days per week. Wayne and Max also attended a Combined Community Council meeting where items discussed includes: a decision not to push for a public forum on light rail and mentioned concerns about the National Capital Plan Exposure Draft, which if implemented takes away National Capital Authority oversight of the hills and buffers around Canberra (will mention more in general Business).

I received an update on the progress of Tuggeranong Town Park Improvements Project saying that the project is in its final stages. Work has been progressing as quickly as possible and if continues on schedule, the upgraded areas are expected to be open for use by end of July 2015.

The TCC has arranged for a park bench dedicated in memory of our late friend Rusty Woodward to be placed at Tuggeranong Town Park Rusty was a hard working member of the Tuggeranong Community and an inaugural recipient of the Footsteps to Follow award.  There will be an unveiling at 2pm on Sunday 12 July with the family and an afternoon tea to follow.  All are welcome

Just a reminder, it is now time to renew your membership. Also I would like to remind people that our AGM will be held on Tuesday the 41st September. Please consider nominating for the committee though I should remind people to be eligible, they need to be financial and have attended 4 meeting throughout the previous year. Details will on our TCC website including nomination forms which need to be handed into Beverley or Wayne 10 days before the meeting i.e. by the 20 August.  They will then be passed onto returning officer.

National Capital Plan Exposure Draft.

I write to you today just to let you know that submissions for the National Capital Plan – Exposure Draft 2015 close at 4.30pm on Wednesday, 22 July 2015.

The National Capital Plan as you would be aware is the strategy and blueprint for planning, designing and developing Canberra and the Territory and the review that is underway to provide greater flexibility to the ACT, reducing duplication and complexities and open up new opportunities for investment and growth in the ACT. and making minor adjustments to areas identified as having the special characteristics of the National Capital.

Given the significant role the Tuggeranong Community Council plays here locally in the ACT, I strongly encourage you to make a submission to ensure the Council’s views are received, submissions can be made at www.nationalcapital.gov.au

There are concerns with a lot of people that this is aimed at development across the river in “West Tuggeranong”, that Senator Seselia has proposed. A TCC meeting in 2014 discussed this proposal. Pros: would in the future increase the population of Tuggeranong; make the Hyperdome more the “Centre” of Tuggeranong, space for more houses in area and Cons: Environmental concerns re river corridor; need for a major bridge; the ranges on the western side include small valleys with steep slopes, an expensive engineering operation; residents will need to rely more on their vehicles and might bypass the Hyperdome for shopping and activities.  Most people voted against development of the West Bank in a poll undertaken at the time. You can visit www.nationalcapital.gov.au and make a submission.


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