Next Meeting – 4 May 21

The Tuggeranong Community Council’s next hybrid Community meeting is to be held Tuesday 4 May 2021 at the Town Centre Vikings Greenway with an option to join via Zoom. This month ACT Chief Engineer Adrian Piani will explore his role to ensure an innovative and skilled engineering workforce in the ACT, as …

Next Meeting 6 April 2021

This month we will be looking at the Lake Tuggeranong Floating Wetland with Ralph Ogden, Program Manager, Healthy Waterways Project and receive a update on research into the lake’s algal problem from Rod Ubrihiem, Post Doctoral Fellow UCAN, with Stormwater Project and ACT Waterwatch

The Community Meeting will be held Tuesday 6 April 2021 commencing at 7:30 pm at the Town Centre Vikings Greenway and an option to join via Zoom.

If you are coming in person to the meeting please arrive a little early to allow time for the COVID-Safe Check-In. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm.

Venue is Town Centre Vikings, Corner Athllon Dr and Rowland Rees Cres, Greenway ACT 2900. As a virtual attendee you will need to register on our Zoom portal – CLICK HERE