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Wood Heaters and Woodsmoke Pollution in Canberra – Tuggeranong Community Council Submission

Wood  heaters and woodsmoke pollution in Canberra has been a long term concern for the people of Tuggeranong, where our ‘inversion layer’ means wood smoke ‘hangs around” and does not dissipate into the atmosphere, often having adverse impact on some people in our community eg …

Community Consultation about the proposed new Materials Recalling and Food Organics and Green Organics Facilities in Hume.

If you are interested and want to find out more about the proposed new Materials Recycling Facility and Food Organics and Green Organics (FOGO) facility for Hume please read the following information at Besides coming and talking to us and answering questions at out next …

Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Survey 2023

The Tuggeranong Community Council’s Youth Engagement sub-committee is again running a survey to find out what young people (age 12 to 25) in Tuggeranong consider as the most important issues affecting our community, and what changes they would like to see to make Tuggeranong a better place to live in.

Feedback from this survey will be used to help plan our 2023 Youth Engagement Forum to be held on 4th May 2023. This will in turn, help inform the TCC on key issues of concern to young people.  We will use it to advocate for change in TCC discussions with the ACT Government and other bodies.

Please pass this message onto young people you know and ask them to ket us know what they think so that we can try to do something about it