Tuggeranong Community Council Report September 2015

Tuggeranong Community Council Report September 2015

On the 1 September 2015 the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) held our Annual General Meeting. The old committee stepped down and a new committee was elected.

I am pleased to announce that the following members were elected.

President                              Glenys Patulny

Vice President                      Wayne King

Treasurer                               Max Flint

Secretary                               Paul Nicholls

Second Vice President       Beverley Flint

Minute Secretary                  Tom Lindenmeyer

Other                                      Darryl Johnson

More than 140 people attended a memorial service on Friday 14 August, for our highly respected TCC President, Eric Traise who passed away last month.

The Committee of the TCC would like to take this opportunity of thanking our Federal member, Gai Brodtmann for her presentation to Parliament on behalf of our late president Eric Traise, presided over by the Deputy Speaker of the House.  TCC members Max and Beverley Flint escorted Mrs Carole Traise to the proceedings with members Albert Orszaczky and his wife Sandra also attending.

I attended the official re-opening of the Town Centre Park after a series of major upgrades.  The upgrade includes: new bollards around the car park, new seating, upgrading the whole pergola area, refurbished existing BBQs, installing new irrigations systems, planting new turf and upgrading paths to the lake. It is fortunate that these upgrades have been completed for September so all residents and visitors will be able to enjoy Spring in our Town Centre Park once again.

On behalf of the TCC, Glenys, our current president attended a meeting of the Tuggeranong and Region Business Forum, a group formed to stimulate business in Tuggeranong and the surrounding region. She found it was interesting to hear the guest speaker from the National Capital Commission talking about the possible development of West Tuggeranong.  They advised that with the number of constraints in the area e.g. geographic (steep slopes), National Park, Heritage and environment, there would only be space for 15,000 people, a very low number for what would be a major financial investment.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 8th October at Southern Cross Club Tuggeranong at 7.30pm.

Wayne King – Vice President

Tuggeranong Community Council Inc.


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