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TCC President’s Report – 5th November, 2017

TCC President’s Report – 5th November, 2017

First of all I would like to thank Wayne King, who with the support of Lorraine, has been working hard to gain a better understanding of our finances with the view to supporting our new treasurer, who is currently doing a university exam.

The Tuggeranong Lake Carers’ (TLC) spring clean-up held on Sunday the 15th October was a great success.  The partnerships, the TLC has formed with the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC), the Southern ACT Catchment Group (SACTCG), Tuggeranong Sea Scouts and the Tuggeranong Rowing Club has grown and strengthened over the years. We had 58 people working around the lake including many scouting and cub families, local residents as well as people from various suburbs around Tuggeranong. We also had members of the rowing club out on the lake itself collecting debris. We collected 56 bags of rubbish (about half recyclable), as well as trolleys and other debris.  It was a very sociable event with many staying on to partake of the free BBQ put on by the TCC and cooked by Frank Vrins. I would like to give special thanks to Col McIntyre Reality form Lanyon, for preparing to the TLC a Sandwich board to promote the event.

Well tonight we are formally finishing the Bus Petition to re-route the buses from in front of the Hyperdome on Anketell Street.  I am pleased to say we have received 743 submissions – 562 written and 181 online, many more than the comments received on the last Tuggeranong Master Plan. I would like to present the written petition to our representative Mark Paton who has offered to submit it to the assembly together with the on-line petition.

We put in a budget submission to the Act Government for consideration in in next years’ budget. Items we wanted provide for included:


  • Revitalise and better plan Tuggeranong Town Centre, including Anketell Street and nearby Laneway to the lake
  • A study/project into how to activate the night time economy and ‘eat’ street precinct ideas set out tin the Tuggeranong master plan 2012.

Safety including

  • improved lighting near CIT, bus interchange and bus stops in general
  • around Underpasses
  • Paths around lake – appropriate size for both pedestrians and cyclists

Transport and Infrustructure

  • Re-routing buses from in front of Tuggeranong Hyperdome
  • Upgrade to Tuggeranong Bus Interchange
  • Improvements to bus services including better bus app
  • Improvements to car parking and road infrastructure on Sulwood Drive


  • Look at organic waste collection


  • Funding to community based Catchment groups

Community Arts and Sport

  • Trial public art installations
  • Deliver on election commitment to improve rowing club facilities

Gaps in community services:

There continues to be a big gap in services for vulnerable families in the Tuggeranong region. Tuggeranong is underserviced in terms of family casework and parenting education, particularly in comparison to the Belconnen region. Specifically, there is an identified gap in services

 Other meetings I have been involved with include:

  • ACTewAGL meeting changing name to EvoEnergy
  • Meeting with Hamish and David Wheeler about CCTC in Tuggeranong
  • Homelessness Forum
  • West Greenway Environmental /Sporting planning meeting
  • Youth Engagement meeting
  • Icon water meeting
  • Attended ACT Healthy Waterways meeting about projects to improve water quality in the ACT and the Lake. A Ministerial announcement will be coming out soon with the details.
  • Environment and Planning meeting and
  • Invited to be on the Climate Change Ministerial Advisory Group

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 5th December at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club where we will hear the latest news from the Tuggeranong Hyperdome and what is happening in Anketell Street and the nearby Laneway.  We will then chat around Xmas nibbles

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