Report to TCC General Meeting 6th October, 2015

Report to TCC General Meeting 6th October, 2015

 I would like to formally acknowledge our new TCC committee Wayne, Vice President, Paul Secretary, max Treasurer, Tom, Minutes Secretary, Bev 2nd Vice President and Public officer and Darryl our Webmaster.

As said at the AGM, the aim of this committee will be to promote the TCC and the Tuggeranong Community to, Inform members of the community of what is happening, and promote and support the Tuggeranong community as appropriate

To this end we have begun talking of ways to streamline procedures and one of the decisions was to rationalise our sub committee structure to three subcommittees.

Environment, Planning and Development Sub Committee –will look at all aspects impacting on the environment in Tuggeranong and follow on any relevant planning and development in the area– Paul and Wayne will coordinate this subcommittee

Community Health and Education – Bev will coordinate this sub committee, which will bring to our attention any relevant issues relating to these areas


Activities – Adrian will be looking to organise various events, which will promote Tuggeranong and the TCC. He is particularly interested in getting additional support

We will hear later from these sub committees about their any relevant issues and up and coming events,

We welcome any one interested in joining these subcommittees – lists are on the sign on desk.

Glenys Patulny, President TCC

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