Chronicle – October 2015

Chronicle – October 2015

At our last meeting, we were informed by Matt Kendall, the Executive Manager, Catchment Management and Water Policy section, that recommendations relating to improving water quality in Lake Tuggeranong would be submitted to the Cabinet in November. The approved recommendations would then be forwarded to the Commonwealth for approval, with public announcements of approved funding happening in March 2016.  We all want something to happen soon, as again, Lake Tuggeranong is, and has been closed for the past month to primary use. Because of this, the Tuggeranong Lake Carers have decided to cancel the proposed lake clean-up as some members are concerned about of health implications if this were to continue at this time.  Instead they are planning to do some erosion mitigation near the Wanniassa inlet of Lake Tuggeranong.  We will let the community know when the date has been finalised (via the TCC website).  If anyone is interested in helping out in this endeavour please ring us on 0431 235 970.

To promote and support the Tuggeranong Community and inform Tuggeranong residents what is happening in our area, it has been decided to streamline some procedures. To this end our future subcommittees will be:  ‘Environment, Planning and Development’;  ‘Community Health and Education’ and ‘Activities’.  In line with this, our Activities sub committee is organising a TCC survey, which we will soon be circulating as broadly as possible, to find more about the issues of interest to the people of Tuggeranong.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3 November, 7.30pm at the Southern Cross Club.  Tony Gill will talk about Roads in Tuggeranong and Stewart Thompson will give us an update of the Tuggeranong Festival, which will be held on the 21 November.


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