Presentations Feb – Jun 16

Presentations Feb – Jun 16

Meeting_photoJune 7th

  • Peter Gurney General Manager Community Affairs NBN spoke about the rollout of the National Broadband Network and the implications for the Tuggeranong Valley (See NBN website for further details)
  • Matt Kendall (Manager Water Policy) and Justin Foley (Manager of the Basin Priority Project) presented the Council with the nine project that have been agreed on for lake Tuggeranong. (See Basin website for further details)

May 3rd

Minister Meegan Fitzharris gave us an update on Transport Canberra and City Services (See Transport Canberra and City Services website for further details)

April 5th

Minister Mick Gentleman, Minister of Planning, spoke about possibility of new suburb for Tuggeranong (Media release 3/3 – Have your say on Tuggeranong’s next-generation suburb)

March 2nd

  • Peta Olesen spoke about the ACT’s Climate Change policy (see
  • Aaron Oshyer told us about a Proposed extension to Bunnings at Tuggeranong
  • Elizabeth Nair spoke about the plans for new Tuggeranong CIT (See CIT website for further details)
  • David Collett came back to us and told us about latest plans for Public Housing at East Greenway (See for further details)

February 2nd

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