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Tuggeranong Community Council Bus Petition now live

The Tuggeranong Community Council Bus Petition is now live and available  HERE and closes 7 November 2017

In a previous meeting the Tuggeranong Community Council resolved unanimously that the community would like the buses removed from using Anketell Street in front of the Hyperdome. The recent Tuggeranong Liveability Survey identified revitalisation the Tuggeranong Town Centre as the biggest concern. The single biggest impact on the amenity and revitalisation of the area, is the use of Anketell Street by ACTION buses.  This street is directly in front of the Hyperdome and houses many outdoor cafes where people want to sit, eat and talk in a healthy environment.  This is very difficult to do comfortably when every few minutes, buses go along this street on the way to the Tuggeranong Interchange.   

Please sign the petitions available at any of the cafes in Anketell Street or simply fill in online. 

If you have difficulty filling in on line please check to ensure your email address is in lower case.

Meeting Presentations 5 July 16

Matthew Ruffin, Progressive Sustainability, spoke on behalf of ACTewAGL about how to Save energy but still be warm in winter.  For further information Sarah Fowler, Ruvimbo Matsika and Sed Lex Bustilo spoke about what Erindale students want for Tuggeranong Joy Terry from CIT Business …