Clean Up Australia (Lake Tuggeranong) Sunday 18 March 2012

Clean Up Australia (Lake Tuggeranong) Sunday 18 March 2012

Thankyou to the Tuggeranong residents and businesses that have registered and are supporting the TCC’s Clean Up Australia campaign around Lake Tuggeranong on Sunday 18 March. The Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Bunning’s Hardware Store, Limelight Cinemas and Gloria Jeans Coffee have come on board to sponsor the clean up campaign with give-aways and prizes. Thank you for your support and we look forward to the big event. The campaign will kick off from the Tuggeranong Community Centre in Cowlishaw Street Greenway at 9.30am on Sunday 18 March. All participants must complete the official onsite registration form and familiarise themselves with the Risk Warning Notice for their own safety and that of others.

The team will be spit in two with one group circling the lake clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. Each group will meet at the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scout Hall in Mortimer Lewis Drive East Greenway. The Sea Scouts will host a sausage sizzle for all participants and raise funds for their contingent to the next Jamboree.


Site Supervisor Ph: 0431 235 970 (On site)

First Aid Post Ph: 0411 283 813 (Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scout Hall)


  • No person is permitted to participate unless registered
  • All volunteers must complete the official onsite registration form
  • All children 15-years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • Sturdy enclosed footwear, gloves and protective equipment (i.e., hat, sunglasses/eye protection, sunscreen, and long sleeves) please ensure to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Some items to be cleaned up may be hazardous (e.g. building materials, asbestos, chemicals) Do not handle any item you are unsure about – please inform your Site Supervisor.
  • Some cleanup areas may be potentially dangerous (e.g. roadsides, cliff edges and river banks) Please ensure you take adequate precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you.
  • Some clean up areas may contain hidden dangers (e.g. venomous snakes and spiders) Please act with caution.
  • Do not handle syringes. If you find a syringe, inform your Site Supervisor on 0431 235 970.


Lake Tuggeranong is currently closed to Primary contact (e.g. swimming) due to the level of blue-green algae present.  This would not preclude Clean Up Australia volunteers from cleaning rubbish from the lake however Clean Up Australia should advise any volunteers intending to do so to follow the advice on the Blue Green Algae website:

ACT Health (ACT Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality 2010) provides the following advice for secondary contact conditions during an extreme level alert for Blue Green Algae, as is currently the alert level in Lake Tuggeranong:

Safety Issues

Exposure to blue green algae can occur by:

  • drinking contaminated water
  • inhaling contaminated water mist and/or droplets
  • skin and eye contact.

An individual’s reaction to the blue green algae toxins can vary depending on their sensitivity to the algae. Reactions can include skin rashes, swollen lips, eye irritation and redness, earache and itchiness, sore throat, hay fever or asthma like symptoms.


People should not engage in secondary contact recreation unless:

  • they are experienced;
  • they are informed of the algal risks and what to do if contact occurs;
  • they do not engage in primary-contact during the recreation; and
  • showering facilities, with suitable water, are available for washing after the
  • recreation;
  • Event organisers should ensure that participants are aware of the blue-green algae alert level, associated exposure risks and provide adequate showering facilities for after events; and
  • That water users should look for warnings signs indicating the current alert level at major water entry points.

Clean Up Australia participants are reminded that there are warning signs located at all the recreational areas of the Lake, and these should be checked by participants prior to engaging in contact with the water.

Algal levels are monitored weekly and the Lake’s status is updated on this page of the above Blue Green Algae website:

If algal levels increase the Lake may also be closed to Secondary contact.  If the lake is closed to Secondary contact Clean Up Australia volunteers are advised not to take rubbish from within Lake Tuggeranong or pick up rubbish which may have been in the lake.


A First Aid Post will be established at the Tuggeranong Sea Scout Hall. The contact phone number on the day will be 0411 283 813.

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