Tuggeranong Community Council 2012 Top Issues Survey

The Tuggeranong Community Council is seeking community input as it formulates its list of top issues for 2012. The list will guide the Council on the issues that most concern you in 2012 and the things you want your Community Council to focus on during the 2012 ACT Election Campaign. To help the Council identify the Top Issues for 2012 you are invited to complete the Tuggeranong Community Council 2012 Top Issues Survey.


  1. Susan Foley

    Issues that continually come up at the Lanyon Valley Community Forum are:

    A library for the Lanyon area

    Increased funding for activities for Youth in the area

    strategies to deal with vandalism and graffiti.

  2. Ivo Ostyn

    Refurbish and upgrade the existing Tuggeranong Town Park and make it more attractive, accesible and more user friendly. I fully support the submissions to upgrade this facility currently being assessed.

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