Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum

Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum


On Wednesday the 9 August  (Week 4 Term 3) at 1:00-3:30pm the Tuggeranong Community Council’s Youth Engagement Committee will be holding a forum to find out from the youth of Tuggeranong what they think, what they would like to find out, and have done about a series of topics relating to Tuggeranong. Feedback from this forum will then be incorporated into future TCC policies and directions.

Members of the Youth Engagement Committee have identified a number of topics of interest that they would like input on.  These include:

–  Housing

–  Job Seekers

–  Nightlife

–  Safety and Surveillance

–  Sport

– Transport including Roads

– Waste and Recycling

We have invited students from all high schools and colleges in Tuggeranong from years 8 to 12 to participate in this forum but if anyone else is interested in attending or want more information on the forum please ring 0431 235 970. This meeting will be held at the Tuggeranong Community Centre from 1.00pm to approximately 3.30pm.

Lunch will be provided by Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC).

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