Agenda – Next Meeting – 5 Sep 17

Agenda – Next Meeting – 5 Sep 17

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 5th September at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club where we will have an update about the Southquay East development and the proposed traffic implications that will soon occur.  We will also hear concerns and ideas that came up at recently held TCC Youth Engagement Forum.  We will follow this up with our Annual General Meeting.


Tuggeranong Community Council Meeting and AGM

Vikings Town Centre Club

7:30pm, 5th September 2017


Item Topic Speaker/Presenter Approx Time
1. TCC General meeting opens President 7:30 pm
2. Apologies President 7:31pm
3. Minutes from previous meeting Secretary 7:32 pm
4. Matters arising from Minutes Secretary 7:33 pm
5. President’s Report/Correspondence President 7:35 pm
6. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer 7:40 pm
7. MP/MLA Updates MP/MLAs 7:45 pm
8. Police Report S/Sgt Chris Meagher 7:50 pm
9. Southquay East Greenway update Mark Overton 8:00 pm
10. Youth Engagement Forum Sed Bustillo 8.15pm
11. Sub Committee reports

Community, Health & Educ.




12. Coffee Break 8.35pm
13. OPEN AGM 8.45pm
13. Minutes from 2015 AGM President 8.45pm
14. Matters Arising from the Minutes President 8.47pm
15 President’s Report 8.50pm
16. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer 8.55pm
17 Handover to Returning Officer Lorcan Murphy 9.00pm
18. Election of New Committee 9.02pm
19. New Committee Statement President 9.20pm
20. Meeting Close 9.25pm



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