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TCC Receives Legal Advice on South Tralee

TCC Receives Legal Advice on South Tralee


TCC Receives Legal Advice on South Tralee

 The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) has received legal advice regarding the planned South Tralee residential development and its possible future impact on Canberra residents.

The TCC requested its lawyers to advise; what if any legal options are open to Canberra residents who find that their lives, health and neighbourhood amenity are negatively impacted if aircraft flight paths are changed as result of concerns about increased air traffic and  noise by future residents of South Tralee.

TCC’s Lawyers have advised Canberra residents may have the option to take individual or group legal action if flight paths are changed in a way which will adversely impact their amenity.  Lawyers advise in such circumstances, action could be directed at the Federal Government or its agencies as they have responsibility for air traffic.

The TCC does not envisage taking legal action itself, however it will provide advice and support to individuals and groups of Canberra residents who may decide to take legal action themselves in the future.

The TCC opposes residential development at South Tralee. It believes that despite all assurances from the NSW Government, Queanbeyan City Council and the developer Tralee residents will express concerns about increased air traffic and noise in the future and successfully campaign to have flight paths relocated over parts of Canberra and Queanbeyan that currently do not suffer from aircraft noise.

(Note to media) No additional comment will be made to the media by the TCC on the above matter

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