Residential Street Improvements Studies (Gowrie, Fadden, Chisholm, Macarthur, Gilmore and Richardson) 5 March 2013

To view the presentation please click on the following link –  Residential Street Improvements Study

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  1. Ross McConnell

    THis looks disasterous for anyone living in Macarthur, Chisholm, Gilmore and maybe Theodore and Calwell looking to get to Woden or Sulwood drive to Belco.
    Where are the stats showing that their are issues. A survey simply says that someone saw someone speeding and the Coyne st stats show that people are doing 62 in a 50 zone, not exactly dangerous.
    Negotiating 15 speed bumps to get to and from work each day is stupid. All because the government decided that one N-S road in the valley was all that was needed (compared to 4 in Belco). Why not connect Sulwood/Erindale Roundabout through to Bugden or Castleton through Fadden Pines to Isabella Drive to allow people to travel smoothly on a major road. These are not rat runs.

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