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Message from the Acting TCC President

Message from the Acting TCC President

IMG_8513-300x263A great deal has occurred since our last meeting.  Our President is still on leave for health reasons and we wish him well in his recovery.  It has been a busy month.  We supported the successful Lake Tuggeranong Forum and the Tuggeranong Community Council Executive Committee has been very busy preparing a Council Master Plan and companion Activity Plan for 2014-16.  The Committee has also identified the most pressing issues for the coming year. They are based on feedback from previous Council meetings and surveys. They are;

  1. Continue the efforts to ensure Federal and ACT government employment continues in Tuggeranong
  2. Continued pressure on the ACT government to improve the overall health of Lake Tuggeranong
  3. Continue work to ensure a proper CIT campus is built in Tuggeranong
  4. Work with the community to develop a position about the future of Tuggeranong
  5. Look at developing a position on light rail

A straw poll was held at the last Council meeting on suggestions to develop west of the Tuggeranong Town Centre. The positives were highlighted. They included population increase, more housing and making the Hyperdome the centre of Tuggeranong. The negatives were also highlighted with the major one being the environmental impact on the Murrumbidgee River and wildlife corridor.  Other concerns included the need for a new bridge and expensive engineering works required to develop residential areas on some of the steep slopes and narrow valleys. Most people voted against development to the west of the Town Centre. The last meeting also saw a presentation from the developers of the Mugga Lane Solar Park. (See video at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmBbugAm_qM) It was interesting to hear about their development application and their ideas about having community gardens as part of the project.

The next Council meeting will be addressed by Dorte Ekelund, Director General of the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate who will talk about ACT and Sustainable Development.  Also representatives of the Land and Development Agency will give us an update about what is happening at the South Quay Development. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 3 June commencing at 7.30pm in the upstairs formal dining room of the Southern Cross Club in Greenway. New members and guests are welcome.

Glenys Patulny, Acting President of the Tuggeranong Community Council

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