Tuggeranong Community Council Code of Conduct

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) considers its mission is to represent to the ACT Government the views, expectations and concerns on community members, the people of Tuggeranong in a fair, open, inclusive, honest, responsible and accountable manner. In order to achieve this aim the TCC requires that all members must adhere to the following Code of Conduct in all their dealings for and on behalf of the TCC:

  1. To act in  a responsible, honest and fair manner,
  2. To declare before the council at the commencement of any interaction with the general Council, sub-committee  or executive committee – whether by speaking at meeting or interacting as part of a committee-  any conflict of interest, real or perceived, to the mission and interests of the TCC,
  3. To behave respectfully to all members and guests , irrespective of political,  cultural or other differences,
  4. To consider at all times the representation of a diverse range of views within the TCC,
  5. To conduct all TCC business in a non-political and nonpartisan manner,
  6. To not use the name of the TCC to advance one’s personal advantage or interests,
  7. To not make statements on behalf of the  TCC unless authorised by the TCC Executive,
  8. To consider and work in the best interests of the majority of the Tuggeranong Community.
  9. To present, as far as practicable, all decisions for the  consideration of all  members of the TCC
  10. To produce reports and minutes which are balanced and relate all relevant information
  11. To present  all documents for accountability, inspection and consideration by all members of the TCC when requested,
  12. To conduct all TCC business in an open, accountable and accessible manner,
  13. To behave at all time in line with the TCC Code of Conduct.

Any breaches of the Tuggeranong Community Council Cole of Conduct shall be dealt with in accordance with the Council Constitution.

Tuggeranong Community Council Code of Conduct

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