TCC seeks legal advice on Tralee

TCC seeks legal advice on Tralee

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) has sought legal advice over any future negative impacts the Tralee residential development may have on Tuggeranong Valley residents. At its recent meeting TCC members voted unanimously in favour of a motion supporting talks between TCC executive members and its lawyers to discuss possible legal options available to Tuggeranong residents following the NSW Government’s approval of the Tralee development. To read more click on  TCC Tralee Media Release 13 November 2012


Note: If you wish to contact the NSW Premier in regard to Tralee, phone 02 9228 5239 or email;

The TCC asks all individuals to be respectful and courteous when making their views known.



 “We can’t say today that in 10 or 15 or 20 years’ time, that people aren’t going to be concerned about the noise.”  (Member for Monaro, Joe Barilaro, Canberra Times 6 November 2012)

“The decision by the O’Farrell Government to approve the Tralee Development on the border of NSW and the ACT is a short-sighted decision that could hurt Canberra’s economy in the long term. Federal Labor Representatives have consistently opposed the development as it against Canberra’s interests. Planning approval for the development is contrary to every single independent assessment of the development, which recommended that the development not go ahead.” (Senator for the ACT Hon Kate Lundy Senator for the ACT,  Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh MP, Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann MP, Joint Media Release 6 November 2012)

“I think the decision defies common sense. Every independent study that looked at this, including the New South Wales Government’s own planning commission, came up with the conclusion that this is a very bad idea result. The idea that you have a flight path that is housing free into a major airport and then you decide to put housing under it is pretty extraordinary.”  (Federal Infrastructure Minister Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Radio Interview 2CC  6 November 2012)

It’s against the New South Wales Government’s own Planning Assessment Commission’s recommendations and it’s against every independent study that looked at it. This defies common sense and it really is an extraordinary decision by New South Wales. We need to make sure when it comes to infrastructure planning that we don’t make decisions today that rule out economic activity tomorrow.  And we have, of course, a $300 million investment by the ACT Government and the Federal Government in the Majura Parkway. That’s about the potential that’s there for the Hume industrial zone and for employment growth and economic activity in the region. It makes sense to have an industrial site next to the Hume industrial site in the ACT. (Federal Infrastructure Minister Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Radio Interview 666 ABC Canberra  6 November 2012)

“Absolutely don’t support it, shouldn’t happen, stupidest idea anywhere.  I had a very brief conversation with Katy (Chief Minster) today. She was radio this morning saying it’s not right, you know, it shouldn’t happen so we’ll look at what we can do over time.”  (Joy Burch MLA Member for Brindabella, address to TCC Meeting 6 November 2012)

“But I have no doubt that the short-term gain that might come from this development will be long-term pain for this region.” (ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, ABC Radio 7 November 2012)

“All Canberra residents will now pay for the short-sighted decision of the NSW government because it is highly likely that with the development of Tralee, Canberra will need a noise-sharing plan in the future, just like Sydney, thereby increasing noise levels for residents of Canberra and Queanbeyan who currently have no aircraft noise issues.” (Chief Executive of the Australian Airports Association, Caroline Wilkie Canberra Times 8 November 2012)

“Canberrans, who face the real prospect of having flights diverted over their suburbs if noise sharing arrangements are implemented in future, have good reason to feel uneasy.” (Canberra Times Editorial 7 November 2012)

“Let’s bring them in from Tuggeranong, Hume; you can even cut the corner at Jerrabomberra occasionally if you want to. But share it out.” (Caller to ABC Radio Canberra Tuesday 6 November 2012)

“Air Services Australia has ample experience from dealing with communities around airports Australia-wide to know that aircraft noise is likely to become a major issue for potential future residents of Tralee should the proposal go ahead. If this occurs there would be pressure for relief measures, such as placing restrictions on the operations of the airport and the sharing of noise by spreading the tracks over areas currently protected by the Noise Abatement procedures.” (Letter to Queanbeyan City Council from Air Services Australia, 8 October 2002) “

“The Tralee site should not be considered for residential development on the basis that it has the potential to become a significant regional asset, particularly as a future employment area and transport hub……Residential amenity is compromised to some extent by aircraft noise and impacts from other land uses or noise and this is likely to increase with more intensive airport activity. (Independent Review Panel, Queanbeyan Land Release Inquiry August 2006)

“The Green Paper articulated the Australian Government’s view that there are a range of activities that are likely to be incompatible with the long-term operation of an airport as an airport. These activities included long term residential development, residential aged or community care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and schools.  The impact of aircraft noise should not be underestimated. While to some people it may be barely noticeable, to others the impact ranges from different levels of annoyance to a real, measurable effect on health and lifestyle.”   (A National Aviation Policy Statement – Aviation White Paper – 16 December 2009)



TCC Submission to the Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan (Final)[1]




Letter from NSW Premier re Tralee 23 December 2010

Letter from NSW Government re Tralee 25 Nov 2011-001

Letter from NSW Premier re Tralee 9 March 2012


Note: If you wish to contact the NSW Premier in regard to Tralee, phone 02 9228 5239 or via email;

The TCC asks all individuals to be respectful and courteous when making their views known. 






  1. Kambah Kid

    Wake up Canberra and Queanbeyan, can’t you see what’s going to happen. Not long after residents have moved into Tralee they will challenge these agreements saying more aircraft are flying over their homes than the day they first moved in. They will demand aircraft be relocated over the rest of Canberra and their local state and federal politicians will support them because they themselves are in swinging seats and don’t want to lose votes. The whoile of Canberra and Queanbeyan, not just Tuggeranong, will cop all the noise, you can count on it.

  2. Paul of Gilmore

    I will gladly join any class action against the Village company, Queanbeyan Council and the NSW Government if planes start flying over my house again. I remember what it was like back in the early 1990’s when they came in over the Town Centre and then over my house at 6am. Never again. The rescue helicopter is bad enough, this will be twice as noisey.

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