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SouthFest 2023

SouthFest 2023

In case you didn’t know, the SouthFest organising committee is a sub committee of the Tuggeranong Community Council.  We have, with community support, been responsible for all the south Fest activities since 2018.

We are excited to announce that…

SouthFest will be back in 2023 and bring the Tuggeranong Valley alive throughout November. 

With a tweak to the format we will be promoting events, activities and other promotions across the Valley for the whole month and the Laneways in Greenway will also come alive with a series of medium scale events between 10 and 12 November 2023.

Despite its different format, the SouthFest vision remains. That our whole community can join in. That everyone can find their rhythm, beat, activity or flavour. That everyone is more connected to our community.

Get involved by hosting an event or be part of our Laneway activities

SouthFest 2023 will build a sense of community, while highlighting the fantastic diversity of businesses, organisations and community spaces in the Tuggeranong Valley through a range of events, activities and promotions throughout November 2023.

Businesses and organisations can choose to participate in a number of ways.

  1. Host your own event, activity or promotion anytime in November and we will promote it for free as part of the SouthFest program on our website, social media and letterboxed to the Tuggeranong Valley.
  2. Take part in one of the three days of activity in the Tuggeranong Laneways 10 to 12 November.
    • 10 November 4pm-9pm: SouthFest Battle of the Bands Youth Event with opportunities for youth organisations, young performers, youth makers and food vendors.
    • 11 November 10am-4pm: Our Tuggeranong Community Day, to celebrate the diversity in our community and connect. There will be opportunities for local community and multicultural organisations, businesses, markets, food vendors, performers and other activities. We are particularly keen to hear from multicultural food vendors and performers.
    • 11 November 4pm-9pm: Laneways Alive, an evening of music dance and entertainment. This will provide opportunity for food vendors, performers and entertainers.
    • 12 November 10am-3pm: Live Well: Tuggeranong wellbeing and sustainable living expo. We are keen to hear from business or organisations focussed on sustainable living, health and wellness. There will be an opportunity for workshops and demonstrations.
  1. Both! Why not host your own event and take part in the Laneways activities

For further information please email southfest@interactcbr.com.au and we will be in touch

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