Lake Tuggeranong Cleanup – Edges clearer of Rubbish / Lake bad (blue green algae)

Lake Tuggeranong Cleanup – Edges clearer of Rubbish / Lake bad (blue green algae)

The Tuggeranong Lake Carers (TLC) organised a Lake Tuggeranong Cleanup on Sunday 3rd March as part of Clean Up Australia Day.   Fifty people helped clean up around the Lake and over thirty bags of rubbish were collected. The TLC were well supported by:

  • The Tuggeranong Community Council who put on a BBQ for all participants
  • The Tuggeranong Sea Scouts who had scouts, cubs and parents helping out, including suppling a car, trailer and driver to go around to pick up rubbish left in various pre-determined points and bring back to the Scout Hall. In fact, the Scouts took on a leadership role and went around the lake in the morning putting up signs where the rubbish could be left.
  • The Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club, who looked after the sign-on table near the College as well as helped with the cleanup
  • The Southern ACT Catchment Group, who supplied a lot of equipment and whose insurance covered the event.


Overall it was a great success and showed how various groups working together can achieve success. It was also interesting to note that most of the collectors who has been on previous lake clean-ups commented that there was less rubbish around – so looks like the message about not littering the lake is getting out there BUT all said “they had never seen blue green infestation on the lake so bad”. 

We are having a report on what is happening to improve the Lake at our 7th May TCC meeting

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