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Icon Water‘s – Community Consultative Forum

Icon Water‘s – Community Consultative Forum

IconWaterLogoOn behalf of the Tuggeranong Community Council, I attended on Thursday, 9th June the “Inaugural Meeting” of the Icon Water Community Consultative Forum. This has been formed re Icon Water’s commitment to “two way engagement with the community and the value of leveraging/monitoring the experience and information of forum members to the organisation.” This group is made up of (15) members from across industry, business and consumer groups, community and environmental groups/organisatons, and will assist the utility by providing advice and input into a number of key areas of future service delivery.”

 The meeting was attended by all members of the Icon Water executive, as well as community and business (see above). This group is likely to have a role in contributing to the ICRC (Independent Competition and Regularity Commission Tariff Review), from the preparation of the draft report and submissions, to the ICRC price direction which should be implemented from 1 July 2018.

The members raised a number of issues that they felt Icon Water should clarify with the community as a whole, especially the fact that Icon water is responsible for the ACT water supply and sewerage services while storm water is managed directly by Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS).

Community groups identified a range of issues for future discussion including understanding the Icon and TAMS work relationship; how to better educate the community on water issues; effects of climate change and population growth on our water supply.  I am looking forward to hearing more about the issues at our next meeting.  See below for further details.


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