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TCC 2012 ACT Election Forum Video

TCC 2012 ACT Election Forum Video


Thanks to everyone who came along to our ACT Election forum or watched and participated via the web broadcast and Twitter feed.

A copy of the webcast recording will be made available shortly via this site.

NOTE: Due to some technical issues not all questions submitted via Twitter were received at the venue. All Twitter questions have been collected and are being submitted to candidates for their responses. Some comments received on the night have been posted below.

(NOTE:  The ACT Greens have now responded to Twitter Questions. See: ACT Greens responses)

“Val Jeffery needs to be in the assembly if Canberra is to look forward – Gene

  • “did you see how fast he swallowed his water after he said “you can moan and laugh but…” Tamalii
  • “Again panel trying to convince audience “my background is in engineering”, “I have five children so I know” Tamalii
  • “walks 30 mins into @tuggeranong election forum and @ZedSeselja is M.I.A” Tamalii
  • @tuggeranong up the big val Jeffery! Gene
  • “Great questions and great vibe tonight at the TCC election forum,. My thanks to participants and organisers #actpol@Tuggeranong “: Johnathan Davis
  • @Tuggeranong Congratulations to all Volunteers who organized it, a great effort. Great use of technology! Austin
  • “”@Tuggeranong what about the twt questions?” Martin (NOTE: Due to connection problems on the night we were unable to recieve all Tweets. Questions submitted via Twitter are being forwarded to candidates for their response)
  • @Tuggeranong Felt that neither side of politics addressed fundamental issues in Brindabella with any conviction e.g.lake” – Corey
  • @Tuggeranong@BrendanSmythMLA & @JoyBurchMLA seem only interested in engaging a slanging match over rate prices” –  Corey
  • @Tuggeranong Pollie Brendan Smyth appears to have no respect for what any other politician has to say” –  Sarah
  • @Tuggeranong hear, hear – save the paddocks and stop obliterating the wildlife corridor!” – Dug
  • @tuggeranong A cyclist was killed while cycling on the road to Tharwa what does the panel think needs to improve cycle safety” – Martin
  • @Tuggeranong – are the #ACTgreens the only ones REALLY listening to the questions?” – Sarah
  • @Tuggeranong it’s back and forth between labor and lib yet it appears the greens are the only party who came prepared” – Sarah
  • @tuggeranong Young Mr Davis acquitting himself very well tonight” – Martin
  • @Tuggeranong will the Kambah Village masterplan give an unfair advantage to woolies & force smaller shops nearby to close?” – Corey
  • @Tuggeranong For Libs: How will a shuttle bus service be more cost AND time efficient for commuters than more frequent regular bus services?” – Michael
  • @tuggeranong Qt to Mick Gentleman if elected will he reintroduce a feed in tariff for home owners?” – Martin
  • @Tuggeranong disappointing some of the candidates lack a basic understanding of issues affecting the electorate & their own policies” – Corey
  • @Tuggeranong @BrendanSmythMLA says @Canberra_Labor are going to triple rates as per recommendations from Quinlan review” – Corey
  • @Tuggeranong – loving how every time Joy Burch speaks Brendan Smyth laughs – I want to know the inside joke?” – Sarah
  • @tuggeranong Labor / Liberal, will you pledge to remove the quota on the number of teachers who can achieve 6 figure salaries?” – Shaun
  • @tuggeranong Disappointed in Labor – no concern for the environment – its just wait wait wait – no real answers” – Sarah
  • @Tuggeranong Disappointing Labor are offering no solution to the ailing Lake Tuggeranong” – Corey
  • @tuggeranong Brendan, what exactly would you do to incr the number of school counsellors by 50%, particularly when you suggest ps job cuts?” – Shaun
  • @tuggeranong as a former resident of Kambah QT to J.Davis what about the outcomes for Kambah 4 schools closed, 1 new youth detention school” – Martin
  • @Tuggeranong Labor and Libs are waiting for their lake policies to be finalised, surely they know what their policies will entail?” – Sarah
  • @Tuggeranong What plans do you have to improve the security around and friendliness of the Town Centre and Bus Interchange?” – Michael
  • @tuggeranong what about all the animals dying on lake tuggeranong from all the pollution left by students, fisherman etc?” – Sarah
  • @tuggeranong Q for the Liberals. How much money will you provide to non govt schools if elected? Will it be an equal incr to Govt schools?” – Shaun
  • @Tuggeranong Labor plans to give $60m to lake burley griffin yet have nothing to say about the worse off lake tuggeranong?” – Sarah
  • @tuggeranong Liberals carbon reduction policy was 30% by 2020 has the liberals moved away from that target?” – Martin
  • @tuggeranong If elected how does each party plan to tackle the blue-green algae and pollution problem in Lake Tuggeranong?” – Corey
  • @tuggeranong QT to Brendan, with 1/2 $Bill already going to roads/park why can’t the extra $125 million go to cycling&walking Infrastructure” – Martin
  • @tuggeranong great to be watching from Melbourne while away on business!” – Dug
  • @Tuggeranong watching the ACT election forum all the way from Young looking forward to putting some questions to candidates” – Corey
  • @Tuggeranong Thanks for the invitation” – Mick Gentleman



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