Bus Update – Changes to new bus routes in Tuggeranong as a result of consultation

Bus Update – Changes to new bus routes in Tuggeranong as a result of consultation

Minister FitzHarris and members of Transport Canberra spoke to us at our last TCC meeting about what changes they have made to the new proposed bus routes as a result of the 13,000 submissions they have received from the Canberra public. As far as Tuggeranong is concerned the Transport Canberra website states:

Bus services in Tuggeranong will provide frequent, reliable connections to the Tuggeranong Town Centre, the City, Belconnen Town Centre, Woden Town Centre, the Tuggeranong Valley area, Erindale Centre, Lanyon Marketplace and Cooleman Court.

The Tuggeranong Bus Station provides connections to the Rapid 4 service north to Woden, the City and Belconnen. All bus services in the Tuggeranong Valley will connect to the Tuggeranong Bus Station, and most also provide connections to Rapid 5 at Erindale, Calwell or Lanyon bus stations. Rapid 5 provides a fast, frequent link north to Woden, Barton, Russell and the City, and south to Lanyon.

Services through Kambah connect to Cooleman Court where customers can connect to the Rapid 7 direct to the City, and continue to Woden where they can connect to Rapid 4, 5 or 6 to Belconnen, Canberra Hospital, Kingston and Barton.

Residents in the southern suburbs of Tuggeranong can use local services to connect to Rapid 4 or Rapid 5 services at Lanyon or Tuggeranong Town Centre, or can use peak bus routes to get to the City and Inner South from Gordon, Banks and Conder, with additional stops at Lanyon, Calwell and Chisholm.

Residents can also use local services to connect to Peak Bus Routes at Lanyon, Calwell and Chisholm to continue to City, Barton and Russell. These services can also be accessed via park and ride.

What’s changed following consultation?

  • Peak Bus Routes introduced to the City and Barton from south Tuggeranong suburbs such as Gordon, Conder and Banks, and also stopping at Park and Rides in Calwell and Chisholm
  • Rapid 4 extended to provide a frequent, direct Rapid service between Tuggeranong, Woden, the City and Belconnen via the Australian National University and University of Canberra.
  • Rapid 4 now terminates at Tuggeranong Town Centre, instead of Lanyon, with local routes adjusted to provide services to the town centre to allow the extension of Rapid 4 services to Belconnen and introduction of Peak Bus Routes.
  • Changes to local services in Gowrie, Kambah and Bonython

See transport.acy.gov.au for further information

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