A message to members of Canberrans for Powerstation Relocation from the President of the Tuggeranong Community Council

Since taking on the role of President of the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) in November 2009, I have met with many members of community groups, organisations and individuals seeking to engage with the new TCC. During that time, I have met with members of Canberrans’ for Power Station Relocation Inc (CPR) Group. In my discussions with CPR, I have been disturbed to find that some CPR members feel aggrieved by certain verbal and written comments made by the past President of the TCC. As the new President of the TCC, and on behalf of the TCC, I confirm that I do not support those comments and apologise for any hurt or damage that such statements may have caused CPR and its members. In view of all the evidence I have reviewed, I recognise that CPR was not officially formed until 12 May 2008 and therefore CPR can not be blamed for any aggressive behaviour or disruption to any TCC or public meetings which may have occurred prior to that date. It follows that CPR can not be held accountable for an incident that allegedly took place at a meeting on 28 April 2008. I find no evidence that CPR have deliberately disrupted any TCC meetings. As the new President of the TCC I also disassociate myself from comments attributed to the past President and reported in the Southside Chronicle in early 2009. I understand that CPR had attempted on a number of occasions to seek a positive working relationship with the TCC and CPR has only worked to inform the Canberra community of issues of concern to all residents of Canberra. I sincerely wish that, by offering my apologies on behalf of the TCC, we can put these issues behind us. I trust that we can now look to the future and to working together for the overall benefit of our community.

Darryl Johnston
Tuggeranong Community Council