Talking Tuggeranong – An Issues Document

Talking Tuggeranong – An Issues Document

Talking Tuggeranong is an issues document that was developed by the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) Executive in consultation with Council members, other Tuggeranong residents, community groups and organisations.

It details issues that concern Tuggeranong residents ranging from public transport, planning and development, environment and law and order.

The document was presented to the ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope MLA on 3 March 2010 for his consideration and attention.

The TCC wishes to thank those who contributed to Talking Tuggeranong. The Council hopes that it will assist and guide the ACT Government in the future development and decision making concerning Tuggeranong and its residents.

Talking Tuggeranong – An issues paper

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  1. Terry

    The call for cyclists to be separated from other traffic is reasonable ONLY if any alternative facilities provided have AT LEAST the same level of amenity as riding on the road- for example if an off road path runs alongside a major road then it must have the same priority over any side roads. If no alternative facilities of the same amenity are provided then cyclists must retain full rights to the roads thier taxes pay for. On most roads, cycle lanes provide a good interim solution until the funding is available to build the much more expensive off-road solutions, and thus their installation should be continued.

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