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Youth Engagement Sub Committee

Youth Engagement Sub Committee

Youth Engagement is a newly formed subcommittee of the Tuggeranong Community Council. Run and managed by youth, the subcommittee enjoys the membership of many youth in Tuggeranong and surrounding areas. The youth in the subcommittee have a strong passion for developing their own skills though management and administration roles, as well as supporting their peers in the community.

The subcommittee was originally established to see a greater representation of youth in Tuggeranong and in the Tuggeranong Community Council. Through this group, youth have a change to have a close connection with events and developments happening in the Tuggeranong area. It is their aim to have a say in all issues that affect them and to work together with community, government, and each other to provide a better Tuggeranong for youth.
Currently, Youth Engagement hold their meetings at Lake Tuggeranong College every first and third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. If you are a youth with great ideas for Tuggeranong, want to develop valued experience and skills, or want to grab some awesome opportunities, come along to one of the meetings or contact the Chair of the subcommittee.

Next Meeting only on Tuesday 21 March – 6pm Lake Tuggeranong College

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