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West GreenWay Update

West GreenWay Update

thompsonOn Wednesday 12 October 2016 the western Greenway community panel met at the Town Centre Vikings Club. This was the 4th meeting of the group  and time was spent reviewing a draft outcomes report. The main points coming from all the discussions were that :

based on the information provided, the community panel is not convinced there is any priority for urban development in the western Greenway location.

the existing boundaries to the Murrumbidgee River Corridor identified in ACT planning documents are not based on recent scientific understanding. It is important that the boundary of the River Corridor should be based on natural resource management criteria with an appropriate separation between the corridor and other land uses.

When the draft western Greenway community panel outcomes report is finalised and distributed to panel members for confirmation it will be presented to the Minister for Planning post election.  

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