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Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum 2021

Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum 2021

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) has run TCC Youth Engagement Forums since 2017 to provide an opportunity for young people in Tuggeranong to voice their opinions and ideas across a range of topics.

For this year’s TCC Youth Forum,  Communities@Work, provided a venue, access to facilities and Community Development staff to assist the TCC Executive to run the event. A total of 33 students and 4 teachers from 7 high schools and colleges from the Tuggeranong region were able to participate. Students were able to provide their opinions and ideas on topics of interest and concern as identified by the TCC Youth Engagement Committee.  Their ideas and suggestions that were raised will be collated into a Report for or distribution to schools, relevant ACT Directorates and institutions for their information.  They will be used as supporting evidence when considering future priorities of the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC). The summary report is currently being compiled by the facilitators. The following comments were noted as part of the events concluding remarks:

  • Climate
    • Lack of awareness of climate change impact
    • Subsidies for electric vehicles
    • Holding companies should be held accountable
    • Consumerism
  • Employment
    • More WEX opportunities
    • Valuable employers
    • Lack of career practitioners in high schools
    • Student lack of experience when applying for jobs
    • More information on career choices
  • Environment and Water
    • the Lake was of great concern – they felt in its current state it “negatively affected their health and wellbeing”
    • concerns about recycling – corporations should be more accountable
    • better air regulation
  • Places and Activities
    • Impact of COVID-19
    • Students were keen to have more events for youth e.g. concerts, youth markets
    • lack of Arts activities/events compared to other regions
  • Mental Health
    • What’s important for adults to learn
    • How to access mental health support in Tuggeranong
    • Impact of lack of activities offered in Canberra for Youth
    • What important for adults to know about Mental Health and young people
  • Safety and Crime
    • Lighting – concerned about dark places, particularly around car parks
    • Harassment
    • Safety around the bus interchange
  • Transport
    • Frequency of buses on the weekend
    • Safety
  • Future Directions
    • Would like to continue to be involved in youth consultations
    • More information on future careers and career opportunities
    • More facilities for young people in Tuggeranong.

All opinions and ideas will be collated into a document which will be sent to participating schools.  Main areas of concern will be identified and the TCC will advocate on behalf of young people with relevant ACT government Directorates and institutions.

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