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Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum 2019

Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Forum 2019

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) believes it is beneficial for schools and students to engage with the community as a pathway to enrich student education. The community can provide support to schools and students to ensure their ideas are heard and considered when new policies and programs are developed.   To facilitate these aims, the TCC have over the last two years run an annual TCC Youth Engagement Forum, with ideas and suggestions being passed on to schools, relevant departments and institutions.

Students come from 6 highs schools and colleges in Tuggeranong gave their opinions on topics of interest as identified by the Tuggeranong Community Council’s (TCC) Youth Engagement committee.  While the report is being compiled by the facilitators, some of the comments included:

  • Climate Change – many showed great understanding on the subject, while other were not so informed, They thought more should be talked about in schools and the government is not doing enough and ‘should put solar above coal”
  • Employment – commended on variable support in schools and felt should be more help with writing resumes, interview skills budgeting, more career advice
  • Environment and Water – the Lake was the biggest issue commenting that they felt in its current state it “negatively affected their health and wellbeing”
  • Health and Wellbeing – knew some places to go but wanted more support
  • Youth spaces in Tuggeranong – want a dedicated Youth Centre in Tuggeranong Town Centre
  • Safety – concerned about some places where bullying happened and/or drugs were dealt. Also talked about poor lighting in significant areas
  • Transport – felt buses too slow, too infrequent… and on occasion unsafe, wanted more dedicated school buses, more rapids, mobile phone app…
  • Future Directions – want their ideas put into actions, proof that their voices have been heard, more information to students, want to be involved in future consultations, more information on social media platforms like Snapchat, You Tube and Instagram

After the event Students commented that:

  • It would be great to have more time to talk
  • Today was fun
  • Like the prompting questions
  • Good to hear other people’s thoughts – not just you own
  • Enjoyed adults being in the conversation

Want more discussion on:

  • Wider range of topics
  • Social issues
  • Employment
  • World issues

All opinions will be collated into a document which will be sent to all schools.  Main issues will be identified and the TCC will look to follow-up on them and inform relevant government departments and institutions.

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