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Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) Youth Engagement Survey

Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) Youth Engagement Survey

Overview – Feb 2020

 The TCC Youth Engagement organized a survey late 2019 to find out the major concerns of Youth in Tuggeranong with an eye to forwarding the issues raised  to the relevant people and supporting and pursuing and their concerns through Council.

We had responses from all high school and colleges in Tuggeranong, but significant responses from one private school.  These responses came from youth from years 7 to University, with the biggest group being Year 7.

It was interesting to note that the biggest issue that most important issue that the students identified was “Improved water quality in Lake Tuggeranong (48.28%). The next two issues of concern were Crime and Community safety 34.48% (though looking at the comments they did not mention many concerns only a couple of places that should be avoided at night) closely followed by Public Transport (32.76%

When asked What they wanted improved over the next 2-5 years they said, not surprisingly, Improved Water Quality (56.56%),  More Affordable Housing (45.50%), Improved Bus services (41.95%), then More facilities for young people (38%), and More job creation within Tuggeranong (36.21%

When we had a followup question on what Hangout spaces young people wanted most mentioned more and better parks and playground areas

We also asked if Young people wanted a Youth Centre in Tuggeranong – most said no or were unsure, and while they mostly understood that a youth worker does were again mostly negative or unsure about talking to one in a youth centre.

It was interesting to note in that while students said in (Q2) that Crime and safety was of concern, when we looked at the comments in Question 8, the overwhelming majority had no safety issues. A few spoke about general safety when walking at night and poor lighting on some streets and at bus stops. A few also spoke about being concerned about safety at the Skatebark, near MacDonalds, and Interchange at night. A few said we needed better paths.

When asked about What improvements would make the current bus network and timetable for the Tuggeranong region better?(Q9), we had many comments, but the overwhelming response was for more and more frequent buses.  A few commented that there should be more school buses and some wanted more direct route to the city

When asked (Q10) What is missing from the career support currently provided in schools? Most said very little, a lot said “I don’t know”, some commented that there were not enough people to take on work experience students. One commented on lack of information on types of jobs and what happens within those jobs and others the need for more support to help students options

When asked how The TCC and the TCC Youth Sub-committee could better engage with the community (Q11). Most didn’t know some suggested improved Social media, others mentioned surveys and meetings.


The TCC and its Youth Sub-committee needs to continue the focus on Improving water quality in Lake Tuggeranong, improving the bus network, look at better paths and lighting and an upgraded safer Bus Interchange.


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