Tuggeranong 2nd Youth Forum

Tuggeranong 2nd Youth Forum

On Thursday the 8th March, the Tuggeranong Community Council Youth Engagement Sub committee organised its 2nd Youth Forum to find out youth opinion on a number of issues.  Students from all high schools and colleges in the Tuggeranong Valley were invited and those that attended (equal numbers of Year 10 and 12 students) participated in round table discussions on the following topics:

  • Transport and Safety
  • Employment and Life Skills
  • Planning and Hangout places
  • Environment
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Climate change – towards zero emissions questions
  • Any other topics

Students were very engaged and make comments that they were motivated, informed, challenged, enlightened, connected and felt consulted and listened to.  The results of these discussions will be collated and published on our website as soon as finalised.  The Tuggeranong Community Council will then look at these comments and see what we can follow up on.


Glenys Patulny


Tuggeranong Community Council

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