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TCC President’s Report – 7th June 2016

TCC President’s Report – 7th June 2016

It has been a very exciting month for Tuggeranong with announcements:

  • On the 19 May that the Federal Government has committed $27 million to clean up Lake Tuggeranong. This money mentioned, together with the $4 million the ACT government has committed in today’s budget should make a great contribution to improving water quality in Lake Tuggeranong. Thanks go to all those who have supported and pushed for this result, particularly our Federal members and our local MLAs from both parties. We will hear the details later tonight
  • Ashley drive will be fully duplicated to Johnson Drive
  • New SES centre at Calwell
  • A new Park and Ride facility at Wanniassa
  • Shopping centre upgrade at Kambah Village and new street furniture and outdoor space upgrades in Anketell St, Tuggeranong
  • Trial green bins for Kambah
  • Hearing about the Vikings Club Proposal for future development

Members of the Executive have been busy with

  • Attending the opening of the upgraded Ambulance Station at Greenway. (5 May)
  • On the same day attending the launch of the Draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. I am pleased to say it was a packed audience, with a number of Tuggeranong Community Council and Tuggeranong Lake Carers attending, showing how interested Tuggeranong residents are in future water strategies in the ACT and region.
  • Attending one of the Canberra and Regional Futures at the University of Canberra focus group meetings designed to find out the views of residents (from Kambah perspective) relating to the ‘sustainable future of the Tuggeranong district’.
  • Attending meetings about the City and Gateway Urban Renewal strategy
  • Attending regular meeting of the Department’s Environment and Planning Forum
  • Working with our Web designer to plan our new website

Annalyse Betts, coordinator of our new Youth sub committee, met with the executive to tell us about her aims, She will give a report about what is happening later in the meeting.

The Combined Community Council of the ACT is holding a “Meet the Candidates” public forum at 7pm on 16 June at the Albert Hall. Come and hear about

  • what should be the national responsibilities for planning in the ACT; and
  • preserving the unique characteristics of Canberra as the nation’s capital.

Questions could cover:

  • location of Federal departments in relation to impacts on town centres, employment, transport and parking;
  • impact of recent changes to the National Capital Plan;
  • heritage listing of Canberra in its overall design concept;s
  • ACT government projects that affect areas under NCA responsibility such as City to the Lake, Manuka Oval and West Tuggeranong. (Details are on our website)

The Tuggeranong Community Council is currently arranging for our own “Meet the Brindabella Candidates Forum” in September before the ACT election. ABC presenter Genevieve Jacobs has agreed to MC the event and we should have the date finalised by the next meeting.

Recently we have received bad news.  Due to the fact that this club is looking to renovate in the near future, we have been informed that we will be unable to use these facilities after our July meeting. We are now looing into what to do and will make an announcement at our July meeting.

The next meeting of the Tuggeranong Council will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th July at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club. We are currently investigating the following speakers for next meeting. Possibilities include:

  • the Vikings Club coming to give us a presentation on their new development proposals,
  • Having ACTewAGL coming to talk to us about how to keep warm and save energy in winter
  • seeing if we can have students from another college in the Tuggeranong talking to us
  • and perhaps have an update about what is happening in South Quay.

Hope to see you all then


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