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TCC President’s Report – 7th February 2017

TCC President’s Report – 7th February 2017

I hope you all had a good break, we at the Tuggeranong Community Council are now gearing up for the new year.  We will be looking at following up on issues identified by our recent survey i.e. ways to revitalise the Tuggeranong Town Centre, emphasing the need for upgrades to town centres in Tuggeranong particularly Kambah Village, pushing for better roads and public transport in the region as well as ensuring that the importance of work to improve the health of Lake Tuggeranong begins.  We are also looking at the possibility of organising/supporting a possible Street Market/Festival later this year. To this end we will approach the government to see if they are able to support us in this endeavour.

To this end we have refined our sub committee structure.

  • Have a new Planning subcommittee with multiple members headed by Hamish Sinclair, an architect from UCAN, who will be speaking about it later in the meeting
    • Hamish Sinclair
  • Refocused Community Health and Education
    • Taryn Lanydon, Beverley Flint, Catherine Jones
  • Environment subcommittee
    • Paul Nicholl, Glenys Patulny possibly Laura Morgan
  • Youth and Activities Subcommittee
    • Currently looking at its structure and membership

If you are interested in joining any of our sub committees please let us know

If you haven’t already, I ask you to fill in our Community Award Survey, available on our website at  www.tuggcc.com so we can take into account your ideas when planning for a Community Award to recognise a person or group who lives or works in Tuggeranong and has contributed significantly to Tuggeranong and/or the ACT Community.

Ideas for names so far include:

  • Tuggeranong Community Council Local Champion
  • Tuggeranong Community Council Community Service Award

Ways to celebrate include:

  • Wall plague at Library/ Hyperdome
  • Perpetual trophy and certificate
  • Floor tile in front of Hyperdome

Unfortunately The Vikings people will not be able to talk to us tonight as Hugh, who was going to talk had just had a baby so he will talk at our next meeting on the 7th March.  Other speakers we are looking at for this March meeting or for later meetings include:

  • hearing about the Healthy Waterways and an update about what is happening about Lake Tuggeranong
  • listening to CIT and Trinity students about what they want for Tuggeranong
  • an update on public housing in Tuggeranong
  • find out the latest on the Hyperdome
  • finding out about the work of ‘Communities at Work”

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