TCC President’s Report – 7 July 2016

TCC President’s Report – 7 July 2016

As you will hear it has been a very exciting month for Tuggeranong. By now you should all have seen our new improved Tuggeranong Community Council website launched on the 18th June. I would like to officially thank the following people who have made this possible.

Foremost I would like to thank Max Flint, our Treasurer, who spent days researching the look of existing websites and came up with the basic redesign principals for the overall layout our website. I would also like to thank Wayne King , Second Vice President for his technical insight into the layout of the website; Beverly Flint, TCC Second Vice President and Public Officer, for her assistance in gathering information and compiling news stories, Frank Vrins, Committee Member, for gathering information for the new website and Tom Lindemayer, Committee Member who offered advice on various aspects including social media. Finally I want to thank our web designer, Lance Williamson, from GafferDesign, who took all the information and molded it into our current website.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement please let us know.

After talking about it for a long time we are finally ready to put up our new survey to find our what people want for Tuggeranong. It will look something like this and should be up in the next two weeks

Other events that members of the TCC executive have been involved with include attending the:

  • represented the TCC at the inaugural meeting of the Icon Water Community Consultative Forum designed to find out community views on long term delivery of water and sewerage in the ACT and region.
  • Wayne and I attended the opening of new Chisholm public housing project, the first comprehensive, from the ground up, Public Housing Renewal Taskforce construction
  • Beverley attended a day tour of Hindmarsh Retirement Villages
  • I attended the Departments bi monthly Environment and Planning Forum
  • I attended the CCC Forum “Meet the Candidates” public forum on 16 June at the Albert Hall. Questions asked included location of Federal departments in relation to impacts on town centres, heritage listing of Canberra, sustainable development in regards to infill, and renewable energy.

The Tuggeranong Community Council is currently arranging for our own “Meet the Brindabella Candidates Forum” on 14th September before the ACT election. ABC presenter Genevieve Jacobs has agreed to MC the event.

I was asked last month about what is happening in West Greenway (Thompson). I have been asked to participate in a “stakeholder and community panel” that the government is forming. This panel will be headed by environmental expert from the ANU and be a “vehicle for community feedback to the ACT Government. They will guide the broader community engagement program including public workshops, and have input into the development of the brief for assessments and studies of the area.
As I mentioned last meeting as this club is looking to renovate in the near future, we have been informed that we will be unable to use these facilities after this meeting. We are now pleased to announce that from our next meeting the 2nd August we will now be meeting at:

Vikings Town Centre Club, Cnr Athllon Drive and Rowland Crescent, Greenway.

It is interesting to note that the Tuggeranong Community Council has been serving the residents of this region since the year 1983 and for many of those years we met at the Vikings Town Centre Club, until they renovated about seven years ago. So it is very appropriate for us to return to the Vikings Club and we look forward to holding our meetings again in our new accommodation. I would like to thank the Southern Cross Club for housing and looking after us for the last seven years.

It is with sadness that I report that Max Flint our treasurer has tendered his resignation as treasurer from mid August. Max had been an invaluable member of the TCC Executive for the past couple of years. He is most thorough, has kept us on track, spent hours checking the books to clarify what is our money, what has been deeded to us by the government and been instrumental in the development of the new website. He will be sorely missed. If any of you are interested in being treasurer please let me know.

Just a reminder that the September meeting will include our AGM. Please think about joining our committee. If you want to find our more about it please talk to any of the current committee. Details about the AGM will be told at our next meeting.

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 5th August at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club. We will be hearing about the new proposed redevelopment of the Vikings Club; students from Mackillop College will talk to us about what they want for Tuggeranong and we will hear the latest plans for the Kambah Group Centre.

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