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TCC President’s Report – 6th June 2017

TCC President’s Report – 6th June 2017

The Tuggeranong Community Council welcomes the recent announcement to fund improvements to Anketell Street and Kambah Village where:

  • $3 million for the Tuggeranong Town Centre will be used for a “raised pedestrian zone and low speed traffic environment, new on-road cycle lanes, tree replacement and improved lighting, street furniture and landscaping
  • $2mill for stage 2 of Kambah Village to deliver new toilets, upgraded playground with shade structure, extension of central courtyard and spine to south-east side of ships including new paving, shade trees and seating area and formalised waste collector shelter

The upgrade to Anketell Street, an election promise, is very welcome, but we are disappointed that there appear to be no plans to complete the renovations to the laneway that links Anketell Street to the Lake.  Currently work is being carried out to improve the first part of the laneway (which leads to the Tuggeranong Town Square) and we would like it upgraded all the way to the Lake.  This would help with the overall revitalisation for the Tuggeranong area and would promote the lake areas where approximately $27 million has been allocated to improve water quality. Such an upgrade would allow a smooth walkway between the two areas Lake to the Hyperdome, via the Town Square, promote active travel and help in the revitalisation of the whole area.

We have been assured that there will be further community consultation before all plans are finalised, hopefully in July and Hamish and I are following up on this and will inform you of any consultation dates.

  As a follow up to last year’s discussion on West Greenway, the West Greenway Stakeholder Panel (which then recommended against the development of the area into a new suburb of Thompson) meet last week with members of the TCC Planning and Community sub committees, to look at the possibility of the Community coming up with a proposal to create a Sporting/Environmental precinct in the area. It was decided this was a good idea and should be followed up. The group also were happy for the Vikings Club to relocate their stadium to the area to enhance it as a sporting/environmental precinct as well as contribute to protecting the environment of the area.  So over the next few months we will be holding some public meetings to pursue this idea.

Other meeting I have been involved with include:

  • Icon Water – further discussion on pricing structures
  • With Beverley and Max I attended the talk on Citizen’s Juries
  • Planning and Development – met the new Director General

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 4th July at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club where we will hearing from the Ben Ponton, the new Director General of the Environment and Planning Directorate about how he sees his new role.


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