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TCC President’s Report – 2nd August 2016

TCC President’s Report – 2nd August 2016

It has been another eventful month for Tuggeranong. Hopefully by now you will have seen our new website and have had a chance to look and respond to our long awaited Tuggeranong Livability Survey, designed to find our what people want for Tuggeranong. It can be seen on our website at www.tuggcc.com

With Brendan Smith’s retirement from the Legislative Assembly, I would like to acknowledge the work that he has done for us over the 21 years he has been attending the Tuggeranong Community Council.  He is, I think, the longest serving member and probably been one, if not the most regular. He has always been willing to listen to our concerns and been happy to pass them on to the government.

Other events that members of the TCC executive have been involved with include attending the:

  • Beverley, Wayne and I attended the opening of the new Tuggeranong CIT on Saturday 20th August
  • Max, Wayne and I attended a meeting about the new TCC Deed of Grant
  • On 27 July, I attended to first meeting of the West Greenway Community Panel.

This panel included representatives from environmental groups, community and recreational organisations, the Tuggeranong Community Council and local business.  The community panel was chaired by Dr David Shorthouse from the ANU.

Terms of Reference and a work-plan was agreed to and participants expressed the following concerns/comments about the proposal.

  • Impact on the river corridor and surrounding environment and wildlife.
  • Impact on community and recreation assets already located there; including any need to relocate, traffic impacts and security impacts of more people in the area.
  • Understanding, identifying and valuing indigenous and European heritage and culture in the area.
  • Apparent conflict between development in this area and the aspirations of other ACT Government policies and initiatives, such as healthy lifestyle, sport and recreation, urban infill and the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
  • Water quality of the river and stormwater management in the area.
  • The importance of positive investment in Tuggeranong to generate economic benefits.
  • The need for more housing options in the Tuggeranong Valley.

 Just a reminder that the September meeting will include our AGM.  Please think about joining our committee.  We are particularly in need of a new Treasurer and Secretary. If you want to find our more about it please talk to any of the current committee.  Details about the AGM will be told later in the meeting.

The next meeting of the TCC will be held on the 6th September at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club. We will hear the latest plans on East Greenway and then finish off with the AGM

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