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TCC attend the Tuggeranong Festival

TCC attend the Tuggeranong Festival

Members of our executive held a stand at the Tuggeranong Festival.
Photos and the letter received by the TCC from the organisers are copied below.


Dear Friends of the Festival,
Our 22nd annual Tuggeranong Festival was a resounding success. With the rain holding off, more than 17,000 people enjoyed one of our best ever programs. Please see the Festival’s Win TV news coverage.

I would like to thank the people who patronised the Streetlight Soiree (Street Party), the Leonid Film Awards, the Youth event in theSkate Park on Friday night, and the Family Fun Saturday in the Park. The crowd was constant and both events and were well attended.

I also offer congratulations to all the participants in the various competitions, and to those who won prizes in the Great Carp Catch, Scarecrow Whispers, and skating demonstrations at theSkate Park.

The Festival wishes ongoing success to the young filmmakers who entered the Leonoid Film Awards and contributed to the Street of Lights projector show, which was truly remarkable. Tuggeranong has a rich supply of young talent and artistic ability and I am confident that a “new wave” of film and media artists has been unearthed and will make its presence felt on the national and international stages in the coming decade.

The success of the Festival is almost entirely due to the hundreds upon hundreds of hours that community groups, participants and organisers of events, attractions, and activities have put in. There were also the talented individual entertainers and performers, who gave their time freely, or at heavily discounted rates, and always with a smile.

The people of Tuggeranong are proud of their voluntary organisations, like St John Ambulance, the Guises Creek Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, the Tuggeranong Unit of the ACT SES, and the Tuggeranong Lions, Leos and Rotary Clubs, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen in a safe and fun-filled environment.

The patience and contribution of all the market and information stall holders was truly appreciated, along with the support and encouragement of our many partners, the media, our valued sponsors, and the service providers who always play a vital role.

In total, the behind the scenes activities included more than a thousand people who were willing to give their time freely back to
their community.

The Festival also attracted new volunteers: students, full time working folk, and people of all ages. We are grateful that you have
chosen the Tuggeranong Festival as a worthy community organisation to help. We will continue to welcome new people, community groups and sponsors.

Finally the fireworks display was excellent and highly professional. It was well received, enjoyed and appreciated. There was loads of clapping and cheering on every aerial splash of bright colour, and the pumping sound of rockets. Following the display, people stayed on in the park to enjoy the rides. There were smiles and laughter all around. As the last show ride came to a halt, and the flashing lights of the Fun Factory dimmed, the last weary punter disappeared contentedly into the night. Sadly, the show had ended. But plans will shortly be underway for Tuggeranong Festival 2011.

On this note, your Festival Committee wishes you, your friends, and family a restful Christmas and a New Year filled with success, health and happiness.

Best wishes,

Michael Lindfield
Tuggeranong Festival Committee

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