Improved Access to Public Transport for Tuggeranong in the ACT Budget

Joy Burch MLA, Member for Brindabella, today celebrated a new Park and Ride facility at the Wanniassa Group Centre, and how it will increase access to public transport for Tuggeranong residents.

“The ACT Government has today announced the Wanniassa Park and Ride and two extra bus stops along the blue rapid route at the Wanniassa Group Centre, to be funded in this year’s ACT Budget,” said Joy Burch.

More funding to clean up and improve Canberra’s beautiful suburbs and shops

Meegan Fitzharris (MLA) has issued the following media release:

Suburbs across Canberra will see the benefits of even more cleaning, mowing and local shop upgrades in this year’s Budget, with a new investment of over $12 million to ensure our city remains the most liveable in the world.


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