Tag: Light Rail (Capital Metro Project)

TCC President’s Report – General Meeting 4 November 2014

What’s happened since the October meeting? The long -awaited public release of the updated light rail business case took place last Friday, 31/10/14 with much fanfare. It concluded that light rail would provide a cost/benefit ratio of 1:1.2. That is, for every $1 spent, ACT would get $1.20 of benefits. The Government thinks this is Read More …

President’s report to the TCC General Meeting – 7 October 2014

What has The Tuggeranong Community Council Executive Committee been doing since the September meeting? 1. Continuing our anti Light Rail campaign. We finally got an answer to our letter to the Chief Minister on 27th August after sending her a follow-up letter. It was then promptly answered by Simon Corbell as Minister for Capital Metro Read More …

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