Sulwood Drive -New Off-road Walking and cycling Path

I has been announced from Minister Steel’s office that there will be funding for Tuggeranong to the tune of $4 million to construct an off-road walking and cycling path along the 4km stretch of Sulwood Drive between Drakeford Drive and Athllon Drive.

The new path will improve safety along Sulwood Drive, which is an 80k/h arterial road without walking or cycling infrastructure and enable Kambah residents to access the Wanniassa shops as well as Mount Taylor. It will also provide an east-west connection between two existing cycle routes following Drakeford Drive and Athllon Drive. The project will investigate two alignment options, one along the southern side and one along the northern side of the road to determine the final alignment.

Minister Steel has posted a video online which provides a visual representation of where the projects will go. A map is also attached.

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