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Results of Tuggeranong Community Council Online Survey – Proposed Tralee Residential Development

Results of Tuggeranong Community Council Online Survey – Proposed Tralee Residential Development

Aircraft Landing as seen from Tralee
Aircraft Landing at Canberra Airport as seen from Tralee (Source: ABC)

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) conducted a survey of residents on the proposed Tralee residential development. Residents were invited to participate in the survey by visiting the TCC website and answering a series of questions about the proposed Tralee development.

The results of the survey show that a majority of residents believe it is a bad idea to allow homes to be built at Tralee. They believe residents at Tralee will be subjected toaircraft noise and a majority of respondents are concerned that as a result of complaints by Tralee residents flight paths will be relocated over Tuggeranong.

Eighty three percent of respondents said it was a bad idea to build homes at Tralee while only 9.8% supported the development. More than 90% believed that if homes were built at Tralee residents would be affected by aircraft noise, 8.4% did not believe there would be any impact from aircraft and 1.4% had no opinion.

Seventy percent of respondents said they were “extremely concerned” while 19.7% were “concerned” that eventually aircraft flight paths would be relocated over Tuggeranong.

While 97% of all respondents were aware of plans to build homes at Tralee 83% said they had not been consulted over the plans.

Tuggeranong residents made up 76% of all respondents. 14% were other ACT residents and 9.8% lived in Queanbeyan and other areas of NSW.

The survey was conducted from 17 December 2009 to 4 January 2010 including the Christmas and New Year.

Table of results:

Question:1 Where do you live?
Qbyn NSW Other ACT Tuggeranong
9.80% 14% 76%
Question:2 Are you currently affected by aircraft noise?
No Yes
80.20% 19.70%
Question:3 Are you aware of plans to build homes at Tralee east of the Hume Industrial Estate?
Yes No
97.10% 2.80%
Question:4 Do you believe building homes at Tralee is a good idea?
No Yes No opinion
83% 9.80% 1.40%
Do you believe if homes are built at Tralee they will be subject to high levels of aircraft noise?
Yes No No opinion
90.10% 8.40% 1.40%
Are you concerned that aircraft flight paths may be relocated over Tuggeranong if homes are built are Tralee?
Not concerned Concerned Very concerned to extremely concerned
9.80% 19.70% 70.40%
Do you believe you have been adequately consulted about the proposal to build homes at Tralee?
No Yes
83% 16.90%

Comments submitted by survey participants:

Tralee Survey Comments (4 Jan 2010)

One comment

  1. JohnH

    It seems a bit disingenuous of the NSW government to act like it will all be okay … and the ACT government to roll over and just accept “we can’t do anything about NSW” (it’s metres away, for goodness sake – pull your heads out!) – all so a developer can make hundreds of millions of dollars.
    I suggest our ACT Federal representatives get together to look after their constituents in the ACT. Pressure the NSW government to enact a covenant (if that’s the legal term) on every block sold that says: “This block is under an existing flight path that will never, ever be varied. I hereby irrevocably waive my rights to complain.” Make it a mandatory precondition for sale and on-selling of the blocks that the covenant be passed on – and buyer beware they’ll then have to negotiate with Canberra airport for a curfew.

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